Inside the life of an escort photographer

They are called "Escorts" and practice the oldest profession in the world. Young, sexy and well dressed, they have clear ideas and are very determined, plastic surgery, professional photos, designer clothes and mobile phones. Agencies that organize meetings flourish in London, Lugano, Montecarlo, Paris and Brussels and the Internet becomes a real showcase for escorts with photo ads. In Milan Christian is an integral part of this world as a photographer.

I spoke to Christian to tell me what his job as a Professional Escort Photographer consists of.

G: How did you become a professional escort photographer?


Christian: At first I didn't even know it was a real job. I started as a photographer assistant with an Italian American model photographer friend in Miami and from there I fell in love and passionate about this job, then giving me the opportunity to do it in beautiful places working on my own in the company of beautiful girls, but the entrance in the Glam escort sector it happened a bit by chance one day I found myself taking pictures of a model friend of mine who was always looking for particular poses to hide her face, it seemed strange to me and at the end of the shooting she confessed that she would have used that service for propose myself on a luxury escort site, and that many of her colleagues were looking for a photographer who would do this type of service and from that day thanks to her help I began to offer myself, until the first requests arrived, asking me how much I wanted to be paid for that kind of shot. Photographing naked women for money was a natural step.

Hot pix Locations
Hot pix Locations

Do you think Milan has a particular relationship with this sector?


Milan is definitely the capital of Italy in the escort business given the countless businessmen who circulate throughout the year, city of fashion, fairs, status and the good life so by far the best place, that's why there are so many girls foreigners and Italians who work as escorts at all levels. "Of course, the days of Milan to drink have passed and they too feel the crisis."

Sonia Eyes Pornostar
Sonia Eyes Pornostar

How do you relate to your clients during your photo shoots?


Normally I don't know the identity of the clients, so I don't know if they will be tall, blonde, flirty, funny etc. but each of them has a story; who is married, who has children in their country of origin, who has to pay for university, who does it for the pleasure of pleasure, who does it only for money, but one thing that this job has taught me is not to judge their life choices, between a shot and a change of lingerie the girls sometimes let themselves go, telling me their secrets, their pleasures but also their pains of an escort life.

What do you think of the laws regarding prostitution, considering that you interact with professionals for work?


I make a small introduction ... to define my role in this area; I deal only with creativity and professionalism to create quality images, and it is the girl herself who will then use them as she sees fit, (if put them framed on the bedside table) or use them on the web, having said that my thought is that I he completely agrees with the girls, (about their employment being unregulated) it makes everything more clandestine, it is bound to happen, it would be much smarter to make it a safer job and tax it because most of these girls work full-time, they have their own agenda, take care of their image on the internet and answer calls and emails like real managers of themselves.

How do you take a photo that is provocative enough to attract new customers?


 It is a very delicate balance. It is a style in which particular emphasis is placed on charm and eroticism, and are done in particular locations, I usually organize shooting in luxury or themed hotels in total privacy. For girls it is about being seductive without exaggerating, trying not to go vulgar, in many escort sites you cannot show private parts and if you upload nude photos, the private parts are obscured. So the fact that not too much is shown is inevitable.


How is it working in contact with beautiful girls and moreover in deshabllè?



My friends envy me but for me it has become normal to fix girls' thongs, everything is done in a very professional and serious way, having great respect for my clients, it's just business, right lighting and photoshop and once this happens it becomes impossible to look at those images with mischievous eyes.

Who are your best customers?


I work with girls who come from all over the world, the most demanding are the Russians are punctually organized then the Brazilians and South Americans who are the nicest and finally the girls from eastern Romania, Bulgaria etc., who are the most cunning. They also differ in level, from luxury escorts (usually very beautiful ex models) to girls (lower price range and mostly working at home).

THANK YOU!! ... for giving us this interview about your life and your profession as an Escort Photographer.





Thanks to you ... For me it is a pleasure to talk about what I do, my work is my strength and my passion ❤️📷.

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