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di Giuditta F.

Before starting this very personal discussion, I would like to clarify that I absolutely do not want to instigate any person into prostitution but I am only offering some advice that I would like to give based solely on my personal experience, so make good use of it. Needless to say, you must be consenting over 18.


First point: let's start from the factor: awareness, therefore the fact of knowing what it means to be an escort ergo to sell your body. Selling not selling are two completely different concepts.


Second point: First of all, adequate school preparation is needed as the relational aspect is very important. Knowing how to give a speech even in multiple languages is the basis for a good descent into the field without limits or cultural barriers. Remember that even if you work in Italy, clients looking for this type of relationship are often foreigners. Passing people and professionals who want a moment of relaxation. In this case, if you do not want to limit the target of your customers, you will need to be able to talk and entertain the customer who will feel very comfortable. which you cannot establish a dialogue would be a very sad and aseptic experience for both of you.


Third point: the family, relatives and friends aspect is very important. Not knowing how to manage and share only certain aspects of your life would be like throwing yourself to the wolves, ruining your reputation forever and this aspect will also weigh heavily in practicing the profession of escort as you would be very hindered by the world around you. This point is very important where pretending to be a model could be a solution to the problem so a job that always takes you around the world and away from your family circles would justify the fact that you are never at home. It is understood that to be able to sell yourself under these clothes you must be particularly beautiful otherwise the whole castle will collapse.


Fourth point: location aspect, that is an apartment where you can host. It is a mandatory condition as not all customers, for privacy reasons, are willing to meet you in a hotel or other not very private place. Initially, you could possibly rent an apartment in the city center where most of the businessmen are concentrated and where the means of getting around make the difference. The apartment must be nice and welcoming furnished with good taste. He must know how to welcome people and customers making them feel at ease as if they were at home.


It goes without saying that cleanliness and order are basic elements that guarantee a good impression and stimulate return. Attention to detail offers a different and unique experience, so don't leave anything to chance but deepen without ever getting tired.


Fifth point: The search for perfection must be your goal and here we enter fertile ground because it is in the nature of the woman to be perfect and precise, as it must be in the care of her body work tool to be treated and preserved over time . Getting busy with gyms and exercise keeps you young and fit and helps overcome the stress of work. In my case, I got a whole range of home fitness equipment that I use on a daily basis and it allows me to optimize time since time is money. When I move from one city to another, I clearly adapt to the situation by attending gyms in the area with a day pass.


Moreover, a good opportunity to socialize and make new friends and maybe even new customers like that time in Turin where I was for a whole weekend, I took advantage of it for a healthy sauna inside a super gym for VIPs only. It so happens that that day in that sauna I found myself face to face with a famous footballer of a very popular local team and you can well imagine which one. Oh what a nice surprise ... inside of me I had already imagined what I could do! Well this handsome young and handsome footballer did not let himself be begged and immediately began to stare at me intensely to the point of approaching me and without too many compliments and inhibitions he began the approach filling me with kindness and gallantry of all kinds. The prey was already in my bag so much so that the same evening we were having dinner in a beautiful starred restaurant. After a few hours we were in his bed overwhelmed by passion and intensity. This is to tell you how there is no shortage of opportunities when you find famous people willing to have a night of sex with an escort. Moral combine business with pleasure by taking advantage of any occasion.

Sixth point: After physical well-being, devote yourself to mental well-being as it is essential to maintain a certain mental balance that will guarantee you the right calm and serenity in dealing with all the most disparate situations and in this work there are many. You must keep in mind that the people you will meet are not all the same, kind and caring in fact you may also come across characters that are unwelcome in every respect. From the surly person to the surly to the rude one. In these cases, you have to dictate the law by making them understand immediately that you are in charge and not the other way around, otherwise you will have a hard life because there is nothing better than diplomatic supremacy to combat ignorance.


I remember a very unpleasant and unfortunately often occurring case of a fairly young boy, where already from the phone call to make an appointment he revealed his raw and naked masculine pride trying to negotiate on the price of the service. In this case, I immediately made things clear by making him understand clearly that he was not dealing with a toy or an object but with a professional and that if he wanted to, he could look for her elsewhere to vent her animalistic sexual desires. At first he seemed to have understood but unfortunately the following day when he showed up directly in my apartment things changed radically. Immediately after crossing the threshold of the door, she discovered the person she really was and how I had imagined her from the phone call. Without wasting a second I invited him to leave and with a very banal excuse directed him to the door. Grumbling altered he took his jacket and went out and luckily without too much trouble. That episode taught me to understand, from the first telephone contact, the person on the other side. This advice is essential in order not to run into situations that are not only unpleasant but also dangerous.


Seventh point: get yourself a well-made website and for this reason rely on trusted but above all capable agencies or web masters. The website will be your first tool to communicate with the world by finding customers willing to pay for your services, reminding you that it is a very competitive sector and therefore not at all easy, especially in the early days when you are not yet known in the environment.


So invest part of your budget in developing a nice, clear and fast website where people understand within seconds what you do and what you offer. Put clearly the photos and various information such as services, conditions and possibly prices, this best practice will save you wasting time by filtering your target audience as much as possible. Of course you will always find people who have time to waste but this is also part of the game and its criticalities. Speaking of photos, I suggest you rely on professional photographers (I recommend Christian Cattaneo creating a beautiful photographic book as attractive and elegant as possible without leading to vulgarity, in fact the photographs you will show will be your first business card where the eye wants its part so also in this case do not beg but on the contrary bet on quality.


Always linked to the image factor, I suggest you create a video book as today the internet lives and depopulates movies and videos where being in step with the times is essential. Clearly, this tool will also have to be included on your website to capture the attention of your visitors.


Point eight: Once you have your website ready you will have to commit to creating and managing advertisements on the various portals specialized in paid dating. For this you will be spoiled for choice in fact just search Google for the word "escort ads" and the world will come out. Be careful to select these portals well by focusing on the most reliable and long-standing ones. There are several and one of these is a site of very high reliability and seriousness present for years where the quality of the services offered is very high and where dozens of girls rely on advertising their personal page. Another very interesting site is ESCORTFORUM which is also very well known but of a lower level. (obviously it's just my humble opinion). In this portal there are hundreds of mostly foreign girls so the competition will be fierce. Another interesting portal where you can insert personal ads is where you will find many dedicated areas divided by topics.


Clearly you will have to invest a good budget that varies from portal to portal but on average it is around 500 euros per month to have good online visibility. In short, the choice is truly varied. 

Ninth point: if you want to aim high, rely on an escort agency and among the few I point out but be careful because these agencies require in addition to the great professionalism and availability to travel all over the world in fact, in many cases, exclusive image is requested where initially it could be an obstacle as you will not be able to work and / or rely on other sites and / or manage your escort business in total autonomy. Certainly collaborating with these highly organized and professional structures will guarantee you a certain image.


The fact remains that however it is you will always be free to change and / or decide what to do by finding other opportunities. Effective tools the internet abounds and even for this sector we can say that there is no shortage of it for sure. One of these very popular are online reviews where users / customers enter their ratings on the performance received. If we want it could be seen as a double-edged sword but certainly very effective. One of these sites is REVIEWSHOT, perhaps the best known and most reliable in the environment of escorts. In fact, on this portal you can find thousands of more or less positive escort reviews where people can make their choices in a targeted manner.


At this point you should be ready for the great adventure. The time has come to throw yourself into the big crowd of paid sex and propose yourself as a luxury escort.

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    Rossella (martedì, 03 novembre 2020 18:31)

    Articolo molto interessante...Grazie

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    Maria (mercoledì, 07 ottobre 2020 06:20)

    Bè !!!! oggi fare la escort è diventato normale un lavoro come un altro e come si evince dall'articolo bisogna essere ben organizzate, per essere professionali e per battere la concorrenza, visto le tante donne che si dedicano a questo.


"I started to pay for college, but I can't stop"

She calls herself Maddalena, she is Italian and she works as an escort. She is 23 years old, brunette, dark eyes, 170 centimeters tall, a body to be envied by the beautiful girls you see on TV. She advertises herself on some sites in the sector and has agreed to tell her own story.


"I started for fun just before finishing high school. In the previous summer I had been a waitress and a bartender. The employer - says Maddalena - occasionally touched my butt, made me continuous jokes, told me that if I if I were with him it would make me rich, it would make me feel good. But it was ugly, heavy, so I left, I quit. The next year, to save some money for college , playing with a friend of mine I placed an ad in the newspaper. After a few hours the first phone call came. We went as a couple, we didn't even know how much to ask. In the end we got 200 euros for two hours in two. Virtually nothing. the experience was traumatic, she stopped immediately. For me not that much. So I continued. To save money, be independent, pay for my studies without weighing on my family ".


Maddalena is an escort and goes to the University: "The studies continue, in a year if all goes well I should graduate in economics and commerce. I have a high average, I like studying, but I don't think I'll stop being an escort when I finish there. 'University. I like doing this job, the taste of the forbidden excites me, I like being the transgression of wealthy men who pay a lot of money to spend time with me. They are a luxury, a beautiful and very expensive thing, a gift only for a select few. In the last year I have earned more than 200 thousand euros, if I want something I'll buy it, in a few days I will get a convertible car for 40 thousand euros, with what other profession could I afford this standard of living? Italy, I do tours from north to south, to meet me there are men who call me even a week in advance. For an hour I ask for 600 euros, sex, even oral sex, is strictly protected, because I care about mine health But being young, b she and Italian authorize me to ask for more than many other girls who do the same job as me. "



or I'm happy with my job, I'm not ashamed of it, but I understand that in front of parents we take a step back. If my father or mother knew what I do, I don't know if I would be able to go on. I could not stand their criticism, their judgment. They would not understand that this is a job like any other for me. I told them that I am a part-time secretary in a law firm ". On the hypothesis of legalization of prostitution:" I am against it. The red light districts or closed houses would take away the charm of the forbidden from those looking for certain adventures. And then I would have to open the VAT number and at that point I could no longer hide. What do I do, do I issue an invoice as an escort? It seems unlikely to me. "

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    Che storia, che contenuti e quante emozioni

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    Barbara (mercoledì, 07 ottobre 2020 06:16)

    Wauuuu figo!!!!